Windows SVN Client Instructions

There is an excellent free SVN client available for windows called TortoiseSVN. Follow the link below for instructions on how to download and install it (Note: You will need to restart your computer to begin using TortoiseSVN).

Once you have TortoiseSVN installed, right clicking in any folder in windows explorer or on the desktop will bring up some SVN specific options

Right click on the desktop, or in any other folder where you'd like to save the repository files. In your right click menu, select the option "SVN Checkout"

TortoiseSVN will prompt you for the URL of the repository. The base URL is

Using the base URL will check out the whole code repository. If you just want a certain folder or file, you can specify that address instead. For example, if you only want the folder CommonTools, which is located at the top of the code repository, use

When you have the URL correct click "OK" and TortoiseSVN will get the files

From now on, right clicking on the files or folders you checked out will give you the option "SVN Update." Selecting this will automatically update your files.

You can browse the code repository here

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