Conte Center Code Repository

The Conte Center has an online code repository with several analysis scripts available for viewing and download. You can browse the files and download individual .m files by following the "Browse Code Repository" link below. Click on a .m file to view it, or right click and "Save As" to download it to your computer.

A sample data file that is compatible with the scripts in the code repository can also be found below. For more information about the data format or the scripts in the repository, look in the README files in the repository.

Browse Conte Center Code Repository

Download Sample Data File

Additionally, you can access the files using an svn client which will allow you to download multiple files at once and automatically update your files if any changes are made to them. For instructions on how to download and use an svn client, follow the links below.

Windows SVN Client Instructions

Linux/Mac SVN Client Instructions

If you have any questions, analysis script requests, or would like to report any bugs, contact Andrew Bogaard at

Participating Institutions:
Boston University Center for Memory and Brain Department of Biomedical Engineering Department of Mathematics